Dec 13th, 2017

Jason day's wife reveals she has suffered miscarriage

On Thanksgiving

Ellia Day has posted very sad news on Instagram that the couple suffered a miscarriage on Thanksgiving.

In an Instagram post, Ellie opened about the moment she learned the baby she was carrying "had no heartbeat." She said she lost the baby on Thanksgiving.

"I found out the baby had no heartbeat anymore. I was devastated. I snuck out the back door of my doctor, a hot, sobbing, mascara-covered mess. Two and a half weeks went by with me battling my heart and brain about what was happening in my body, wondering why this wouldn't just be over.

"My heart couldn't take the waiting, or the feeling, or the tiny belly bump poking out any longer. Why did this happen…and now that it's passed, why can't my body just accept it and get rid of it?" Ellie wrote in the Instagram caption.

Very sad news and our hearts go out to you both.

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