May 31st, 2017

Jack Nicklaus offers his support

To Tiger Woods

Jack Nicklaus offers his support Speaking at a press conference ahead of the Memorial Tournament that he founded 41 years ago in 1976, Jack Nicklaus had this to say about Tiger Woods.

“I feel bad for Tiger. Tiger’s a friend. He’s been great for the game of golf. And I think he needs all our help and we wish him well. I always thought Tiger would probably break my record.  I probably don’t think he will now.”

When asked about Woods’ use of a “mix of medications” at the time of his arrest, Nicklaus would only offer his support.

“I know zero about that,” he said, referencing the pills. “But maybe the operation – what I saw in the press is what you probably reported, that he was out of pain and hadn’t felt that good in years. That’s all I know, until I read yesterday [he had been arrested]. So I don’t know anything about that.

“But I’m a fan of Tiger’s, I’m a friend of Tiger’s, and I feel bad for him. I think that he’s struggling, and I wish him well. I hope he gets out of it, and I hope he plays golf again. He needs a lot of support from a lot of people and I’ll be one of them.”


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Jack Nicklaus offers his support

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