Dec 11th, 2016

Is the Ryder Cup coming to Bolton?

Peel Holdings think so

Is the Ryder Cup coming to Bolton?Peel Holdings is planning to build a new world–class course on the Hulton Park Estate near Westhouhgton in Bolton, and is pitching it as a potential Ryder Cup course. 

The £100m project could potentially house a new hotel, clubhouse and conference facilities as well as 900 homes, a figure which has fallen from 1,700, which was in the first proposal.

But no building will take place on the Hulton Park Estate if a bid for the Ryder Cup is unsuccessful Peel Holdings has said.

Cllr Darren Whitehead chaired a public meeting at Bolton Library, with a representative from Bolton Councils planning and highways and a representative from Peel Holdings.

However in the meeting a resident of Broadway in Atherton, asked what this new golf course would have that others do not, to host an event as big as the Ryder Cup.

The resident said: "It takes a long time for golf clubs to get developed.

"2026 is in less than 10 years’ time.

"There are a lot of golf clubs that are established.

"What makes you think that this golf course can be ready in less than 10 years enough to host a Ryder Cup?

"I think Peel Holdings is in "cuckoo land".

Responding to the question Richard Knight of Peel Holdings said that the Professional Golfers Association "likes new–build courses".

He said: "It is normal for the Ryder Cup to be awarded to clubs that have not yet been built."

Mr. Knight added that their impending plans "meet all the criteria" to host the Ryder Cup as it is in the proximity of an international airport and in a large hotel catchment.

However Peel Holdings has stated that if they do not get the go-ahead for the Ryder Cup, which it will know in two or three years’ time, that the development, including the 900 plus possible homes, will not go ahead.

Bold stuff, but the Ryder Cup is due to be held in England after Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. They could be smoking something, but England will be the next Ryder Cup destination, so could it be Bolton?


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Is the Ryder Cup coming to Bolton?


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