Feb 1st, 2017

Golf Clubs must beware of fly–tippers

As Hampshire golf club gets caught out

Golf Clubs must beware of fly–tippersA Hampshire golf club has had to pay for the clearance and disposal of rubbish that was dumped by its entrance.

The story is a reminder of the financial threat to golf clubs that fly–tipping can pose.

According to the Farnham Herald, Worldham Golf Club found a trailer load of refuse had been dumped just inside the entrance to the golf course.

East Hampshire District Council was asked to remove it, but it refused to on the basis that it deemed it to be on private property.

A spokesman for the council told the paper that the owner of the waste has a legal responsibility to ensure that it is correctly disposed of and could face prosecution if not – even if the waste was fly–tipped.

He said: “Fly–tipping has been on the increase over recent years but this is an issue that we can all do more to combat.

“People are often unaware that they have a legal responsibility to check the paperwork of anyone who disposes of their waste. If you do not do this and the waste is fly–tipped you can find yourself in court – even if you paid for their services in good faith. You could face a fine of up to £50,000 or 12 months imprisonment in a magistrates’ court or an unlimited fine and up to five years imprisonment if the case is serious enough to go to crown court.

“There are many secluded and remote corners that are particularly vulnerable to fly–tippers. Fly–tips on private land must be cleared by the landowners themselves, but we can offer landowners advice on how to secure their land to keep fly-tippers at bay.

“We would ask anyone who sees fly-tipping taking place to contact their local council straight away. Try to pass on vehicle registration numbers, a description of those committing the offence, details of the items being fly-tipped, the time, the date and any photographs or videos you can take. The council can then investigate the incident.”

So caveat golf courses. You might get dumped on by fly–tippers and the law.


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Golf Clubs must beware of fly–tippers

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