Jul 11th, 2017

Escaped Camel recaptured on golf course

In Darwin Australia

Escaped Camel recaptured on golf course

A camel escaped from a circus and led police on a merry dance through peak–hour traffic on one of the busiest roads in Darwin, Australia, before being recaptured on a local golf course.

The animal escaped from the visiting Circus Royale and was photographed on Bagot Rd, a six­–lane thoroughfare in the city.

It was eventually captured on the ninth green of a nearby golf course.

Police saw the funny side of the incident , writing on social media that "it wasn't even hump day".

Superintendent Rob Burgoyne, from Northern Territory Police, said it caused "a bit of traffic mayhem".

"From time to time we get animals wandering the roads, more often than not crocodiles rather than camels," he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

"But certainly for Darwin it is a bit unusual."


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Escaped Camel recaptured on golf course

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