Jan 1st, 2018

David Beckham takes flack for letting daughter drive golf buggy

As Victoria posts Instagram video

David Beckham has been taking flack from some parents online after letting his six-year daughter Harper steer a golf buggy.

Hi wife, Victoria, posted a black and white video of Harper sat on David’s lap in the buggy.

She captioned the clip: “Someone loves her daddy! #drivingmissharper kisses x @davidbeckham.”

Whilst it is abundantly clear that David, or Derek as we prefer to call him, is in control, some fans still expressed their concern.

One wrote: “I think you knew this video would be controversial.”

Another added: “Not very smart thing to do guys.”

One warned: “Take that down before social services came to take your child for negligence and endangerment in US.”

But fans soon bundled into to support DB and Victoria, insisting there was absolutely no danger.

One insisted: “David is holding onto Harper and making sure the cart is under control. It’s not like it’s a real car.”

Given that the Beckhams have not taken down the Instagram posting, it seems that they are quite rightly not in the least bit bothered.



David Beckham takes flack for letting daughter drive golf buggy

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  • Anonymous

    It’s a golf buggy people, not a racing car. Get real and get a effing life.

    January 1 at 19:53pm