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Ok, Got it!

Jan 26th, 2016

Coca Cola Spieth Mystery

Has world number one been compromised?

It looks like Jordan Spieth has been kidnapped, chained to a radiator in a basement somewhere and forced to recite a carefully worded speech on behalf of corporate giants Coca Cola.

To the unwitting bystander this might look like a willing collaboration, but if you look closely you will see Jordan visibly flinch when he fails to deliver his lines with the requisite enthusiasm.

Coca Cola Spieth Mystery

It all seems innocent enough...

Ex CIA agent, Daryll Trends claims that electric shocks (also used at Guantanamo Bay to extract information from alleged terrorists) have been used by the corporate world in the past to 'encourage' the speaker, much like a cattle prod is used to get a truculent buffalo over the river and into the abattoir.

Key moments that just don't add up here include Jordan claiming to enjoy nothing better at the end of a hard, hot day than to unwind in his favourite chair and "put an ice cold Coke on ice".

Obviously, if the Coke is already ice cold, there would be no need to put it on ice if, as he says, he actually intends to drink the Coke.

Trends says this is classic behavior for a prisoner who is trying to communicate his discomfort with his situation.

"Spieth is trying to get a message out to the outside world," says Trends. "He is trying to tell us that this is all happening against his will and that he wants someone to get him out of there." 

"Then, when Spieth goes on to say that working with Coca Cola is going to be "so cool", and that their relationship was going to be "so fantastic" you can visibly see him flinch due to the electric pulses that are being filtered into his body.

"If, for a split second even, Spieth appears to be wavering," says Trends "the pulses are increased, sending powerful and painful shocks to his sensitive areas, most notably his ankles and testicles."

You can also see Jordan blinking wildly when he says he has "always enjoyed the product", and that it is "an incredible honour" to be working with Coca Cola, but, as Trends claims, the real evidence that Jordan has been compromised by the drinks giant, comes in what he says next.

"The script he has been given is somewhat open-ended," says Trends. "Which lends me to believe that there may even be someone on the inside attempting to help Spieth escape his captors.

"Certain words are included that allow Spieth, unbeknownst to his captors, to make a significant plea for help. When Spieth says he is "an outdoor person" he is trying to tell us that he wants to be outside of this situation, he wants to "escape the confines of being "here" so to speak."

Spieth is due to be playing in the Singapore Open later this week. It will be interesting a) to see if he plays at all, and b) what state he is in if he does.

Make your own mind up, watch the actual video:


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Coca Cola Spieth Mystery

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