Jun 20th, 2018

Clubface-Golf.com gains support

From industry’s most influential decision makers in USA

Clubface-Golf.com gains support The CEO and Founder of Clubface-Golf.com, Paul McEldon has just concluded a whirlwind trip to the USA that saw him meet with some of the most influential bodies in the USA golf industry and get their views on his innovative vertical social media platform for golf.  

The response to the concept and potential that CFG offers the world of golf in terms of improved communications was overwhelmingly positive, and the desire to develop partnerships, offer their help or support, whether direct or strategic was incredibly encouraging.

The PGA of America offered guidance to CFG that will allow the CFG mobile platform to develop more quickly and in a way that could potentially benefit their nearly 29,000 PGA members

The World Golf Foundation indicated a willingness to explore the possibility of CFG as a communication platform that could aid the development of the game with their partner organizations.

OnCore Golf Technology indicated their strong interest in working closely with CFG to assist the platform in achieving its objective of becoming the golf industry’s leading vertical social media platform.  As a company focused on improving the golfer’s enjoyment of the game through innovative products, OnCore Golf sees the CFG platform delivering a better user experience, helping to grow the game on a global scale.

Clubface-Golf.com was established principally to provide a communication platform specifically for golfers and golf clubs that would encourage strong relationships to develop more quickly than with other more traditional channels of communication.

It’s an imaginative concept that allows individuals to control completely how they engage with the site, and so whether choosing to connect simply with their own golf club’s information feed, or to add their individual input to an online discussion, the site remains both easy to use, and completely secure.

If you have ever joined a golf club as a new member or tried to play with someone new at a private member's course, you will already know how difficult it can be to communicate easily with either your fellow members or a golf club’s management team. 

Contrast that with how easy it is to interact with people from seemingly anywhere around the globe, and it makes you wonder what will it take for golf clubs to join the 21st century in terms of communicating with their members and potential new members?

Clubface-golf.com - giving golfers a voice and golf clubs a future


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Clubface-Golf.com gains support

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