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Ok, Got it!

Oct 23rd, 2016

Cancer suffering couple terrorised by golfers

And there's nowhere to hide...

Three year cancer sufferer Halina Wisniewski said she seeks a healing peace through walks with her dog on her wooded property in Williams Township, Pennsylvania, USA.   

The only trouble is, she lives right on a golf course and has to take cover every time she hears the majestic 'whoosh-thwack' of club head striking ball. Hundreds of golf balls have ended up in her garden, on her roof and in her flower pots over the last year.

Cancer suffering couple terrorised by golfers

View from the old tips on 13

So, fair play, the guys at Morgan Hill Golf Club (Ahem... following a court order – Ed) moved the tees up to reduce the chances of golfers slicing their tee shots into the Wisniewski's place.

Unfortunately, it hasn't worked as the golfers keep finding new ways of ignoring GolfPunk's Tried & Trusted Anti-Slice Tip and continue to rain down havoc. This, despite the club stating that rangers monitored the situation for three weeks and were happy that the golfers were no longer a menace.

"My safety comes to an end the same day golf season starts," said Halina, after husband Jerzy Wisniewski delivered a shopping bag full of balls to the court he says he collected since the order went into effect.

Cancer suffering couple terrorised by golfersThe old Wisniewski place next to 13....

Jerzy Wisniewski said he's been hit in the head and his wife's been hit in the back by balls during the years they've lived at 625 Cedarville Road. The sound of a swinging club puts him on edge, too.

"It's a terrible sound," Jerzy Wisniewski said. "This is the sound I've had to cope with for the last 14 years. This is like slavery. This is impossible."

Director of Golf Operations Patrick Mallory said he closed two of the three tee boxes at the 13th hole after the court order to keep the slicers at bay. He and a ranger watched every tee shot at that hole for three weeks after the order (seriously?, three weeks? – Ed), he said. 

Cancer suffering couple terrorised by golfers

13... unlucky for... (stop it right there! – Ed)

Mallory claims that during this three week period in what has been dubbed (by us) 'The Slicer Stake Out' he never saw any balls go on the Wisniewskis' property. Most errant shots in that direction would have to come from left-handed golfers, and most golfers are right handed, he said.

Asked whether 50 balls could have been hit onto the property since July 5, Mallory said: "It couldn't happen."

Attorney for the golf club Erv McLain suggested most of the balls were deposited on the Wisniewski property prior to the court order and only picked up recently.

Jerzy Wisniewski said that since the ban went into effect, one ball broke one of his imported terra cotta roof tiles and one landed within 25 feet of his home. He said he searches the property every weekend for new balls.

Cancer suffering couple terrorised by golfersA golf ball yesterday...

Wisniewski claims that for every year they have lived at the property they have collected at least a five-gallon bucket full of golf balls. Not a bad haul for selling onto the lake ball dudes. I mean,... it's all very unfortunate.

The case continues. Slavery though...?


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Cancer suffering couple terrorised by golfers

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