Jun 24th, 2016

Bubba's got a brand new motor

The General Lee has got some competition

We knew Bubba had a distinctive choice in motors. His crown jewel is the original General Lee from The Dukes Of Hazard. But his newest whip is perfect for a bit of off roading. 


This is not your standard jeep, and we dread to think what it cost Bubba, but as a double Masters champion he can more than afford it. 

Who can forget some of Bubba's other vehicles though. First here was the Bubba craft. 


He's got a Mercedes G Wagon, the 4X4 of choice for the filthy rich around the world.


And then there is the aforementioned General Lee. One of the originals used in the TV show, Watson paid $110,000 back in 2012. In 2015 he had it altered, having a stars and stripes painted on it instead of the Confederate flag due to racist connotations. 



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