Jul 19th, 2016

Bubba Watson's Flying Golf Cart Jetpack

Not content with a hovercraft, Bubba Watson has teamed up with Oakley to produce the first flying golf cart jetpack to get him round the course.

Driven by a 200 horsepower engine, it has vertical take off and landing and it can fly up to 3,000 feet at just under 50mph, according to jetpack pilot Mike Read.  

Speeding up play and giving the golfer a bird's eye view of the course is one of the advantages.  According to Bubba the golf cart jet pack is a game-changer.  It will also cost over £150,000 when available on the open market.

Watch here Bubba's impressive flying golf cart jet pack.




Bubba Watson's Flying Golf Cart JetpackBubba's hovercraft 


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