Jul 28th, 2016

Bubba Watson's Chocolate Factory

Opens his own sweet shop!

Bubba Watson's Chocolate Factory

Most professional golfers use their money to buy property and have a share portfolio. Ian Poulter invests in Ferraris. Ernie Els & Migel Angel Jimenez have vineyards. Bubba Watson isn't most golfers, though...


He's spending his earnings making his childhood dreams come true. He’s won two green jackets. He spent a fortune on the original General Lee from The Dukes of Hazard. He got Oakley to make him a hovercraft and a jet pack. Now he has opened his own sweet shop!


Bubba’s Sweet Spot officially opened for business this week, selling all kinds of artificial coloured sugary goodness. With everything from M&M’s to Ice-cream, fudge to Jelly Bellys, Bubba's place is just the venue to speed up type 2 diabetes. We're joking, but mind your teeth!Bubba Watson's Chocolate Factory


So why did he open the Sweet Spot? “Who doesn’t like candy and fudge and ice cream?”, said Bubba in a press conference at the PGA Championship. And it’s tough to argue with that one. There's even a Watson behind the counter too, with his mum Molly working there. 



We can’t help but think the biggest and best Bubba endorsement is soon to be on the way. Bubba,... meet Hubba Bubba. Think up some crazy flavours for BubbaGum. You heard it here first folks…

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Bubba Watson's Chocolate Factory

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