Oct 7th, 2016

Bubba Watson buys a car dealership!!

Will he use a sob story to sell cars?

Bubba Watson buys a car dealership!!

Bubba Watson, fresh from his tearjerking performance as a Ryder Cup Vice Captain, has bought himself a stake in a car dealership very soon after opening his own sweet shop.  It sounds to me like Bubba is planning for his retirement.

Blubba is now co-owner of Sandy and Bubba's Milton Chevrolet.  He's not a Ferrari nut like Ian Poulter but he does claim to have a problem with buying cars. 

"I have purchased 37 cars in 12 years, which I'm not proud of, I guess." He said.

From the General Lee, to the Jet Pack, and the Jeep that came in so useful after the Greenbriar flooded, Bubba likes variety. 


Bubba Watson buys a car dealership!!

Looking at the Chevrolet site we can see him tearing about in a Corvette Z06 with its 6.2!!! Litre engine,  although he may be better off carting the family about in a Silverado.  He may need to get them spray painted pink though, as we can't find it as an option! 

Bubba has said he aims to spend a lot of time there in the off season, and hopes to introduce new ideas to the company. Will they include sob stories to guilt-trip people into buying cars? After the Ryder Cup performance, anything is possible...

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