Jul 25th, 2016

Beef Goes to Meat Heaven

Signs with Beef Sandwich specialist


Beef is on the crest of a wave right now, and he's striking while the iron, well griddle, is hot with a new endorsement deal. At the PGA Championship this week Andrew 'Beef' Johnston will have an Arby's logo on on his cap and his shirt. What is an Arby's I hear everyone not in the USA saying? Arby's are a purveyor of meat sandwiches, who specialise in brisket. And we all know Beef loves his brisket.  

Beef Goes to Meat Heaven


How the Beefeater Grill missed this opportunity we don't know, but Arby's have made the most of Beef's moment in the spotlight, getting him to work in their Times Square Branch over the weekend. 


Now all this has made us blooming hungry. Anyone for some Brown Sugar Bacon?

Beef Goes to Meat HeavenOr what about a Smokehouse Brisket? 

Beef Goes to Meat HeavenBeef's gone to meat heaven. We just want to go along for the ride. 


Now what about if he starts wearing the Arby's hat in tournaments? If the beard wasn't already enough...

Beef Goes to Meat Heaven


Check out Beef's Crib!!!

Beef Goes to Meat Heaven

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