Oct 27th, 2016

At least 4 courses to close

As memberships decline

At least 4 courses to close

Channels Golf Club in Essex

At least four golf clubs have announced they are closing or have closed in the space of a few days as many clubs continue to struggle in the current economic climate, and changes of customer behaviour.

Channels Golf Club in Essex, Kyngs Golf and Country Club in Leicestershire, Glenisla Golf Club in Scotland and Padbrook Park Golf Club in Exeter have all decided to end the golf side of their businesses, according to Golf Club Management News.

Channels, which was established in 1974, is to close its 18-hole course next year to make way for weddings and functions. The traditional members’ club will continue to operate its driving range and nine-hole course.

Spokesman Richard Stubbings said the closure was due to a fall in members.

“The closure of the course is sadly due to the decline in membership and high costs involved in maintaining it.

“Unfortunately, the golf industry has seen a significant decline in memberships of more than 20 per cent in recent years and it has badly affected clubs like ours.

“Studies show that changing habits and attitudes have impacted on traditional golf clubs and many golfers now prefer the pay and play model to a membership club.

Time to get innovating everybody!


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At least 4 courses to close

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  • hodman29

    Beckenham Place Pack Golf Course which , for many years, the course featured in the Guinness Book of Records as the 'most played public golf course in Europe', closes on Monday. Not because of lack of money but because the Mayor of Lewisham is determined to get rid of it.

    October 28 at 09:59am