May 22nd, 2016

Another major clanger from The Trump

Praises Monty for his Major 'victories'

Another major clanger from The Trump

Donald Trump took time out from his busy schedule running for the US Presidency to show his appreciation for Colin Montgomerie turning up at Trump Turnberry.

Another major clanger from The Trump"That US Open you won at Pebble Beach?" "No that was Tom Kite." 

He dropped his enormous clanger via Twitter when he congratulated Monty for making "winning Majors look easy".

Another major clanger from The Trump

Now as we all know, other than the Trump, Monty has never won a Major, and is highly unlikely to do so now, although that is still just about within the bounds of possibilities.

Another major clanger from The Trump"Did we just become best friends?"

He was, of course, 8 times winner of The European Order of Merit, as he never stops reminding us. Perhaps the Trump has not been watching Sky’s golf coverage; otherwise there is no way he would not have known that at least.

Yes, he did come very close on several occasions, especially when he famously took too much club going into the 18th at Winged Foot at the US Open in 2006 and managed to bogey from the middle of the fairway when all he needed was a par. But no, he never did make it over that line.

Another major clanger from The Trump

'I won 8 Order of Merits don't ya know"

Montgomerie turned up at Trump Turnberry to play the golf resort that Trump snapped up in 2014. You have to say this for Trump, he knows a bargain when he sees one, and with Doonbeg and Doral bought as distress sales, he’s more that made his money back.

Another major clanger from The Trump"No I didn't win at Winged Foot either Donald"

His purchase of Turnberry has also created more problems for the R&A, who have tried to put some distance between themselves and the Trump. The Open isn’t coming back to Turnberry in the foreseeable future, and the issue has rather been kicked into the very long grass.

The Open without Turnberry and Muirfield will put a small dent in the tournament, but there are still plenty of courses more than worthy of staging it.

Another major clanger from The TrumpWalking off the 18th at Winged Foot - ho Monty!


The Top 5 courses never to have hosted an Open

Another major clanger from The Trump

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  • greggo45

    So will that mean the rest of the GB & NI will get more of a chance of holding More Opens ?

    May 22 at 13:07pm