Dec 31st, 2016

83 year old man attacks salesman with golf club

Because he had to buy a car to win a prize

An 83 year–old man in Florida has attacked a car salesman with a golf club. Here's why his gander was up.

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, Linsey Owens became upset when arriving at a dealership thinking he had received a scratch-off prize.

Owens was given a $5 Walmart gift card, with an employee explaining he needed to purchase a car to claim a bigger prize, the report says. Owens was then asked to leave.

“[Owens] became irate that he had to purchase a vehicle in order to claim the prize and got into his vehicle,” the report stated.

Owens hit another employee with his White Honda. He then proceeded to retrieve a golf club from his trunk and swing at a salesman.

We know car salesmen don't have the best of reputuations, but this is altogether disproportionate! 


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83 year old man attacks salesman with golf club

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