Jan 30th, 2016

£400K will buy you this

But you'll have to move to Northern Ireland

£400K will buy you thisSlate Golf Course in Pomeroy, near Cookstown in County Tyrone, has been put on the market for £400,000.

The golf course is on the market as the current owners, who founded the golf course in 2002, are going to retire.

The course is a 9 hole, par 66 (5086 yard) golf course spread over approximately 38 acres in some lovely countryside.

We think that at £400,000 it has to be good value. You wouldn’t get a one bedroom flat anywhere near the centre of London for that after all. Come to think of it, you wouldn’t even get a garden in London for that, let alone 38 acres to roam in.

£400K will buy you this

£400K will buy you this

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