Mar 28th, 2016

The Two Best Swings In Golf?

Jason Day and Rory McIlroy Side by Side

The Two Best Swings In Golf?"Strewth!"

I was out and about yesterday, so I couldn't watch the semi-finals of the Dell WGC Matchplay. But I managed to follow it through a friend's Facebook feed.

"300 yards 13th, both on the green with a 3 wood. I mean, how the hell?"

"Rory just teed off with a 3 wood and drove it 326 yards.... ummmm, what?"

"Rory just got out his driving iron, he hits it 260-270 years ha ha. I want one."

Rory McIlroy and Jason Day are beasts. Jason Day is now the world number one, McIlroy number three. Five majors between them. Both were brought up on different sides of the world. And both arguably have the best swings in the world today. And they are virtually the same.

The Two Best Swings In Golf?Jason McIlroy 

Jason Day may have won the battle yesterday, and gone on to beat Louis Oosthuizen in the final, but he definitely hasn't won the war. 

Both Jason and Rory obviously grew up in the Tiger era, and both are  influenced by him today, what with Rory and Tiger's Nike association, and `Tiger taking Jason under his wing as his text protege. But they aren't just clones. 

The Two Best Swings In Golf?Rory Day

Both have much more natural free flowing swings than Tiger ever had. It's like someone combined Ernie Els' loosey goosey approach with Tiger's explosiveness and athleticism to create two perfect golf swings. While we know most of us will never be able to get into these positions, watch this video and awe at the power and precision of these two future legends.

The way they unload into the ball is just unreal. We know Jordan Spieth is good. And we know on his day Rickie Fowler is the equal of these guys. But the future of golf, and more specifically the future of the golf swing, will be the legacy of these two superstars.

Check out the highlights of their match here...


Mark Wahlberg plays with Rory's balls...

The Two Best Swings In Golf?

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