Nov 9th, 2017

Golf glutes fitness with Maria Verchenova

Time to get your glutes firing

There's nothing worse than getting down the golf links and finding out your glutes are misfiring. Ask Tiger Woods, he had that trouble for years. Anyway, never fear because Maria is here and she's going to put you straighter than a Henrik Stenson 3-wood off the tee...

Glutes on back: Shot on location at PGA Catalunya

Today we are going to do another fitness exercise which is going to help to get your glutes stronger. The glutes are the most important part of the body used to get good distance and stay with the shot and don’t get up to quickly.  

Golf glutes fitness with Maria VerchenovaSome times people say ‘I don’t feel my glutes’  and that’s because most of the time people don’t use their glutes, they use ham strings and legs but glutes are really hard to feel.  So I’m going to show you an exercise that will really make you work your glutes. 


1) So you lie on your back with bent knees, feet about six inches apart, and lift your glutes (bottom) up as high as you can.  When you get your glutes up you tense them for a few seconds. 

Golf glutes fitness with Maria Verchenova


2) If that’s too easy for you straighten and lift one leg up. At the same time, you can also clasp your hands and extend them up so you are resting on your shoulders and one foot.

Golf glutes fitness with Maria Verchenova


3) Then raise and lower your bottom in this position, – don’t forget to breathe!  Do this 10 times and change legs. You are going to do three repetitions with each leg so it’s going to really hurt! Cool, have fun!

Golf glutes fitness with Maria Verchenova


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Golf glutes fitness with Maria Verchenova

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