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Ok, Got it!

May 8th, 2019


Working on reducing the bulge!

Welcome back to part two of our Friday Fitness feature as the GolfPunk team get back to working on improving their waistline and their game!  This time we are going for the current GP Team's favourite exercise and one that has ramped up the competitive tension at GolfPunk Towers.

As ever, GP’s extremely busy lawyers have insisted that we put out the disclaimer…

“All of Fitness Friday’s articles are written with the very best intentions and include links to demonstrations of the exercises.  Before launching into any exercise routine, including GolfPunk's recommendations, please consider the need for professional assistance (or a pacemaker) and/or approval of a medical professional.  Or, to put it another way, on your own head be it as we accept no responsibility whatsoever.”

And with that on to our exercise of the day!


Deadlifting is one of GP’s favourite exercises and there is a bit of a competition going on at the office about who can lift heaviest (which is neither big nor clever but is currently led by the big northern one at 150kgs!).

That said, deadlifting is a brilliant exercise which targets your hamstrings, lower back as well as the quads and glutes (so it’s usually not done on a day when you squat or vice versa).


Works pretty much the whole body but greatly improves core strength and stability as well as improving leg and lower core strength which is vital for swing stability and speed.

The options...



Our personal favourite, particularly with a straight bar, where we follow the same 5,3,1 routine outlined in our first piece about The Squat.  When done right will leave you blowing and vastly improve your fitness and swing related strength.



RDL’s as they are known work in a similar manner to standard deadlifts, but they target your hamstrings (and they hurt!).  Our favourite routine is 5 sets of 20 reps at increasing weights from medium to medium heavy and feel the burn.  For added cardio element limit rest in between to 30 seconds / 1 minute.



Not dissimilar to the above but it’s a different range of motion, as you can get more pelvic snap on those glutes and helps with different grip strength as well.  Our favourite routine is 5 sets of 20 to 25 reps to really get that burn going (just don’t go too heavy to start or you will really pay!) and as before reduce resting periods between sets for increased cardio impact.

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