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Mar 16th, 2019

Golf Gambling Games Your Squad Should Be Playing Now

Fancy a fleecing?

Whether you are cashing in $2 skins for Nassau team junk, two down presses or any other expensive or complicated golf game, playing golf is always a bit more interesting when there’s cash involved.

Further, you can make this game more interesting while engaging partners for more creative bets. After you are done with the usual golf-themed games at any online casino for Android phones, consider playing the six best gambling golf games below during your next playing season.    


1.      Big Fish:

This is a game that best suites clutch players and has an individual stroke or four-ball playing format. The rules for playing this game are this simple.

Using scorecards, handicaps or your preferred system, you rank every hole starting from the simplest to the hardest and apportion a certain amount of money in equal measure to the hole difficulty and the team that wins a certain hole wins the amount therein.


2.      Flying Blind:

This is highly treasured by steady players who shun big numbers and has a side game format and the rules of the game are as follows: every player throws in money into a pot before doing the rounds. Six holes are then chosen randomly after the rounds and the award winner is the player with the least score for all holes.


3.      Chicago:

This game's format is an individual stroke playing for two or extra foursomes and is loved by higher-handicap players who are able to make birdies. In this game, every player minuses their course handicap from number 32, which represents the quota of points required to be made through a system called Stableford.

If a golfer gets two points for a par, a point for a bogey or four for a bridle, then it’s possible to adjust all points as per the group’s ability and the winner(s) is the player with majority points beyond their quotas. Even though payouts can be funded by players who lack their quotas, they normally come from pots that players contribute prior to the rounds.


4.      Rattler Bottom:

This is an individual stroke or four-ball play format suitable for players that can putt. In this game, a token is gained for each hole that a side or player makes a gross par. The token earned is then handed to another side or player on any hole which they must putt out.


5.      Guts:

Guts are ideal for the real gamblers and its style of play is for individual or team skins. Every hole is worth a certain amount of money which you can let ride or bank should your side win the hole. This amount doubles if you or your side wins yet again before another golfer or the opponents win and should you let ride this money, it triples.


6.      Sixes:

Grinders are the lovers of this game whose style of play is an individual match or four-ball. The rules are that you play six consecutive three-hole games rather than one 18-hole game and as the rounds progress, you are at liberty to set certain amounts and increase them for every game.


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