Oct 31st, 2018

Halloween Special – Top 10 Nightmare Golf Swings Ever

King Geoffery inspired this one...

Before I started writing this, I was debating what section of the site to put it in. Is it news? Should it go in the instruction section as a how not to do it guide? I went with Golf Bedlam, as this swing truly is manic. But our question is, how did his swing ever evolve into this?


And again...


@king_geoffery swing defies logic. How many different parts? The crazy thing is he seems to make fairly solid contact.

So we went into a bit of an internet rabbit hole, trying to find some of the worst swings we've ever seen. And there are some absolute pearlers.

First up is one that while terrible, looks pretty effective. This guy has definitely played baseball before...


You can't teach this...


Bruce's backswing isn't too bad. But that action through the ball. Looks like he can get it around though to be fair.


Charles Barkley, NBA legend is renowned for how bad his golf swing is. You might want to forward this video about 44 seconds.


In some ways this video is worse. Barkley has a decent practice swing.


This one doesn't even look that bad, but he just can not make contact.


Gary shot an 84. Swinging it like this!!!


These two golfers are absolutely pony




And we love this one. He nails it.




Golf's Top 10 Swingin Sirens!!

Halloween Special – Top 10 Nightmare Golf Swings Ever


The 10 hardest shots of all time...

Halloween Special – Top 10 Nightmare Golf Swings Ever

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