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Ok, Got it!

Feb 29th, 2016

A Quick Livener February

Help The Gravy & Bunch Of Arse


Help The Gravy!

(People/things that have made our week)


1) Adam Scott for showing us all he didn't need that Zimmer frame long putter after all.

Helping The Short-Stick-Honda-Classic-Winning Gravy!

Check out the best shots from the final round of the Honda Classic here!



2) Gary Player for joining us on a twitter Q&A frenzy last week.

Helping The GolfPunk-#LuxVox-(golf travel company type thing)-Gravy!

Check out Gary Player punching himself in the stomach in our revealing interview with him!



3) Leicester City again for keeping on keeping on!

Helping The Unbelievable-Season-Gravy



4) Lexi for winning again at the Honda LPGA Thailand

Helping The Number-3-In-The-World-Now Gravy!

Check out our exclusive photo & video shoot with Lexi here



5) Lilyhammer the series on Netflix for being bloomin' brilliant!

Helping The Who-Knew-Steven-Van-Zandt-Was-Also-In-The-Bruce-Springsteen-E-Street-Band?! Gravy!


6) Spring springing! Golf is on the way!!

Helping The Just-Look-At-That-Ain't-It-Gorgeous Gravy!



7) Many thanks to Champions UK and VPAR for a great game at the Belfry. (Click the image to see what they do!)

Helping The Staunch-putt-from-Benoit-on-the-last-to-grab-the-half-for-us Gravy!





Bunch Of Arse!

(People/stuff that threatened to ruin our week)


1) The Oscars – Film stars,.... is there anything they can't do? 

Bunch-Of-Sanctimonious-Trumped-Up-Gits Arse!



2) Clay-based golf courses for still being bloody waterlogged when people keep saying helpful stuff like "Really? Our course has been fine..."

Bunch Of I've-Forgotten-What-A-Golf-Club-Even-Looks-Like Arse!



3) Footballers who put the ball outside the corner semi-circle bit when they're taking corners.

Bunch Of Do-You-Really-Need-To-Take-Every-Bloody-Liberty-Going?! Arse!



4) Annie Bloody Lennox – Quote from 15 year old referring to Lennox's eulogy to David Bowie at The Brits: "Who was that woman with the white hair who tried to make it all about herself?" Nailed it. 

Bunch Of Clear-Off-Back-To-Your-Castle-In-France-No-One-Cares-What-You-Think Arse!



5) Having to wait ages for stuff on Netflix.

Bunch Of By-The-Time-Series2-Ends-Up-On-Netflix-I'll-Have-Forgotten-What-Happened-In-The-1st-Series-Just-Like-Peaky-Bloody-Blinders! Arse!

6) Tiger Bashing!

Bunch Of You've-All-Got-Short-Memories-Don't-You-WANT-Him-To-Comeback?!-Look-He's-Even-Having-A-Laugh-With-Some-Ducks-Or-Something-So-He-Can't-Be-All-Bad Arse!


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