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Ok, Got it!

Dec 8th, 2015

A Quick Livener #6

Helping The Gravy & Bunching Arse this week...

Help The Gravy & Bunch Of Arse...


Help The Gravy!

Bubba Watson for winning Tiger's Hero World Challenge title by three shots from Patrick Reed.

(Click on Bubba to see his incredible hole out)

Helping The Pity-Tiger-Couldn't-Play-In-His-Own-Tournament-But-At-Least-HeTurned-Up-And-Looked-Happier-Than-He-Might-Considering-What-He-Said-In-Last-Week's-Press-Conference Gravy!


Bunch Of Arse!

Paul Casey not winning when we had all our money on him...

Bunch Of We-Really-Ought-To-Pay-More-Attention-To-The-GolfSpiv Arse!


Help The Gravy!!

Grappa for re-igniting the fires of several washed up dudes after a hefty dinner the other night...


Bunch Of Arse!

Grappa: Bunch Of  Getting-Us-All-Over-Excited-And-Feisty-When-Politely-Asked-To-Remove-Ourselves-From-The-Establishment-What-The-Hell-Is-In-That-Stuff?! Arse!!


Help The Gravy!

Marc Leishman for shooting a Bacon Sandwich Dropping -19 at the Gary Player Course in South Africa to win the Nedbank...

Helping The Isn't-He-The-Fella-That-Nearly-Won-The-Open-This-Year?-He's-Obviously-Quite-Good-At-Golf Gravy!


Watch!! Henrik Stenson strops out and assaults his golf bag as Leishman wins!!



Bunch Of Arse!!

Tiger saying he's finished in his recent press conference...

(Click pic to read what he said...)

Bunch Of We-All-Thought-Tiger-Would-Break-Jack's-Record-Can't-See-It-Ever-Happening-Now Arse!


Watch!! Tiger's Top 10 Shots Ever on the PGA Tour


Help The Gravy!!

Jack Nicklaus for saying Tiger's not finished yet...

(Click on Jack to read what he said about Tiger)

Helping The Now-We-Think-Tiger-Can-Break-Jack's-Record-Again-After-All-It's-Jack's-Record-&-He-Can-Say-What-He-Wants Gravy!


Bunch Of Arse!

Poxy mild weather that makes you think it's bloody September or April or something when it should look like this.

Bunch Of Mild-Insipid-Rubbish-Weather-That-Is-Flooding-The-Country's-Golf-Courses-I-Wonder-How-Thames-Barry-Will-Hold-Up-Anyway-It-Might-As-Well-Snow-At-Least-Then-The-Golf-Course-Would-Look-Nice-And-We-Can-All-Sit-In-The-Clubhouse-Sipping-Hot-Toddies-&-Wondering-If-You-Can-Sledge-Down-The-Second? Arse!


Help The Gravy!

G/FORE for sending us some nice new golf shoes, a jumper and a pleasant pair of 'compression' socks!!

Helping The Not-Wearing-These-Babies-Out-In-That-Filthy-Soggy-Muck-&-Oomska-On-The-Golf-Course-Will-Save-Them-For-A-Nice-Sunny-Summer's-Day Gravy!


Help The Gravy!

Everyone who has voted in the Staunchies!!

Helping The Your-Chance-To-Vote-For-Your-Favourites-Click-Above-If-You-Haven't-Voted-Yet! Gravy!















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