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Ok, Got it!

Nov 23rd, 2015

A Quick Livener

What's 'Helped GolfPunk's Gravy' and 'Bunched Arse' this week...

A Quick Livener

From Danny Willet inviting us round his house to getting wiped out by 'the lurgy', what's 'Helped GolfPunk's Gravy' and 'Bunched Arse' this week...


Helping The Gravy This Week....


1) Lexi Thompson and Paula Creamer for generally being a good laugh and chasing CME Champion Christie Kerr all over the place with champagne.

A Quick Livener A Quick Livener

Helping The Don't-Bloody-Waste-The-Stuff-We're-Parched-Here Gravy!



2) Nissan for helping us launch our new Lifestyle section with a car review of their fancy Nissan X-Trail

A Quick Livener Dr Who & what looks like a Colombian drug overlord, larging it with the X-Trail

Helping The Fancy-Cars-Are-Very-Useful-When-It-Comes-To-Golf-Safaris Gravy!

Review coming shortly...




3) Rory McIlroy for showing us all he's still got it, and can access it when he's found the kettle and put it back on.

A Quick Livener "Thanks again for overlooking that 'minimum tournament eligibility thing'..."

Helping The We-Can't-Be-Letting-Those-Young-Shavers-Day-&-Spieth-Have-It-All-Their-Own-Way...-Mind-You-They-Weren't-Racing-To-Dubai-I-Suppose... Gravy!

Click on Rory to read the full story.



4) Leicester City & Reg Varny in particular for making the Premier League interesting.

A Quick Livener

"I'll get you for this, Ranieri!"

Helping The OK,-We've-Completely-Spelt-Jamie-Vardy's-Name-Wrong-For-The-Sake-Of-A-Rubbish-Joke-But-It's-About-Time-They-Brought-Back-On-The-Buses Gravy!

Here it is, the moment Jamie Vardy equalled the record. Click on Jamie to view:

A Quick Livener

Take that, Van Nistelrooy



5) Kevin Kisner for finally getting it done after four runner up finishes on the PGA Tour this year.

A Quick Livener "Her first words! 'I knew you weren''t born to runner up, Daddy'!"

Helping The We're-Actually-Getting-A-Bit-Bored-With-Seeing-The-Greenside-Family-Love-In-Everytime-Someone-Wins-A-Tournament-It's-Not-Like-We-Expect-Our-Parents-To-Come-Rushing-Over-Every-Time-We-Write-A-Decent-Article-Nonetheless-We-Did-Have-A-Bit-Of-A-Cry-When-Baby-Kisner-Ran-Up-To-Daddy Gravy!


6) Danny Willet for inviting us 'All Round To Mine' and taking us on at everything from table tennis to basketball.

A Quick Livener Helping The We-Beat-You-At-Table-Tennis-But-That-Was-About-It Gravy!

Click on Danny to see All Back To Mine with Danny Willet!!



7) New Zealand's Lydia Ko (18 yeards old!!) for winning the Race To CME Globe Title for the second year in a row!!!!

A Quick Livener Lydia Ko: Sorted for light bulbs for a while...

Helping The Blimey-She's-So-In-Charge-Of-Women's-Golf-Right-Now Gravy!


Bunch Of Arse


1) On the tee announcements that just won't be the same without the venerable Ivor Robson.

A Quick Livener "Lay, lady laaayyy..."

Bunch Of Thanks-For-The-Memories-&-Here's-Hoping-They-Don't-Give-The-Job-To-Steve-Bloody-Beddow-Or-Something-Arse!



2) Religion  for infiltrating pleasure parks with miniature golf courses dedicated to the almighty.

A Quick Livener What's Next?: 'Welcome To The The Dog-Leg Of Infidels'?

Bunch Of Gives-A-New-Meaning-To-Hell-Holes Arse!




3) Colds and lurgies for laying us low and making playing golf a distant memory.

A Quick Livener GolfPunk's Editor takes some enforced bed rest...

Bunch Of Microscopic-Vermin-Bug-That-Won't-Even-Show-Its-Face-To-Make-It-A-Fair-Fight-Pass-The-Lemsip Arse!


4) Going into the garage to find the six iron you made you're only hole in one with and left in a really safe place, only to find it isn't there...

A Quick Livener It happened on the 12th at Princes Shore Course 

Bunch Of Why-Didn't-I-Just-Leave-It-In-The-Bloody-Golf-Bag Arse!



5) Golf mags in America that keeps stealing all our ideas but still look like dads dancing...

A Quick Livener

Cat Fancy: It's fancy, and it's about cats not golf...

Bunch Of Surely-You-Must-Have-Some-Modicum-Of-Shame-You-Have-300-Staff-There-And-You-Keep-Poncing-Off-Us? Arse!


6) Lexi's missed putt at 17 at the Race To CME Title which, had it gone in, would have put her in first place ahead of Lydia Ko

A Quick Livener Make no mistake, this is from GolfPunk's exclusive photoshoot with Lexi, not some dodgy American rip-off merchants

Bunch Of Good-Work-Lydia-Ko-But-Soz-We-Just-Love-Lexi Arse!

Click on Lexi for photoshoot and video interview PLUS behind the scenes action


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