Sep 23rd, 2017

The FedEx Cup – An Editor gets annoyed...

GolfPunk's editor no likey no likey...

Paul Casey moved to -7 and a share of the lead after two rounds in the Tour Championship.

The FedEx Cup – An Editor gets annoyed...

Paul Casey could be $10,000,000.00 better off come Sunday night...

Apparently, some people actually care who is going to win the Tour Championship. Some people think it really matters. But who are these people? The players most likely. And their families probably. Definitely the players' agents. Basically, anyone for whom the result has something 'in it for them'.

Personally I couldn't care less. I find it all a bit ludicrous trying to shoe-horn some sense of jeopardy into what is basically a financial beauty parade masquerading as the ultimate climax to a golfing season.    

Frankly I find the whole 'this'll happen if that happens' palaver thing bloody annoying – I mean, they're all rich anyway, so there's no real drama if someone does or doesn't win.

It's not like Jordan Spieth will wake up on Monday morning with a terrible feeling in his stomach because he finished second. It's not a major. It's just money. But what do I know.

The FedEx Cup – An Editor gets annoyed..."What have we become??..." Jon Rahm suddenly realises that a load more money in his bank account might not bring him the kind of joy he thought it would...

They tell us that, theoretically, any of the 30 players in the field could win the Tour Championship with victory here. So everyone should strap themselves in for the PGA  Tour event to end all PGA Tour events.

Of course, it would require some kind of mental combination of results for Jason Dufner (currently in 30th place) to win. The tour can say 'well, you never know...' as much as they like but surely we, the people, are not quite that simple?

I'm not saying that the players don't deserve the cash. They are the arch exponents of the hardest game on the planet. They deserve every dollar they get. But please don't try to tell us that the FedEx Cup actually matters.

The FedEx Cup – An Editor gets annoyed...Dustin Johnson. Inconsolable as he realises he won't be waking up on Monday morning on a bed of millions of dollars of money...

But for all of you who are interested, Casey, who is 10th in the FedEx standings shot a 67 to move to join Webb Simpson (67) and Justin Thomas (66) in Atlanta.

Justin Thomas is sitting prettiest as he is second in the FedEx standings and one of five players who's destiny is in their own hands as they will secure the $10,000,000.00 prize with victory at East Lake. 

World number two Jordan Spieth is also chasing the big money but faded with a 70 and is -3 for the tournament.

The FedEx Cup – An Editor gets annoyed...

Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, about to have a heated argument about what's better – winning the Tour Championship or winning a major... probably...

Spain's Jon Rahm, who is fifth in the points list, is one of four on -6 after his 67, along with England's Justin Rose (66), Patrick Reed (65) and Gary Woodland (67).

Open champion Spieth began the tournament with a 200-point lead over Thomas.

World number one Johnson, currently -3, and Australian Marc Leishman, who is currently +2, are the other players who will win the FedEx Cup with victory in the Tour Championship.

Happy days.


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The FedEx Cup – An Editor gets annoyed...

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Comments (2)

  • courtgolf

    LIghten up, Francis. No need to get the panties in a twist over the Fed Ex Cup. Nobody has ever said that it is "important" or even approaching a major level. What it DOES do is put the best players in the world on display for an extra month on some great courses. Fed Ex doesn't mind that it costs them a big check every year. (actually it's an annuity) - so why should it bother you ? Oh wait - I know - it's because the European Tour's attempt at copying the Fed Ex Cup is such a miserable failure. The "Race to Dubai" was supposed to double the Fed Ex Cup prize, but couldn't get the promised cash from a bunch of oil barons who are just swimming in the cash you find so deplorable. When it came time to pay up - they disappeared. You and I don't get penny one from these guys from week to week - so it doesn't matter how big their checks are. What we DO get is another month of watching the best at the game we love playing hard and doing their best to win. Forget the money - watch the golf !

    September 23 at 16:42pm
  • Anonymous

    Personally I agree. But it depends what you watch the game for. Courtgolf obviously likes to just watch the players play which is perfectly fine.
    I like the spice of genuine competition and watching the players perform under pressure. Major titles are pretty much the only thing in golf that does that. There are too many competitions to the point that the best simply pick and choose what to play as they don't need the money. So Spieth wins another ten million? I don't care. Unfortunately the guy that comes second probably doesn't either.
    I agree with Courgolf about the Race to Dubai. Utter crap. It bugs me that the European tour was in built in Europe but they sold themselves to the Middle East. How the hell can you have the grand finale of the season played outside the continent the tour is named after? In front of pretty much zero crowds?
    If that was played in Europe there would at least be decent galleries.

    October 26 at 10:27am