Apr 15th, 2015

IJP Design Poulter Tartan Trousers



IJP Design Poulter Tartan Trousers

Ian Poulter’s IJP Design may be known for it’s checked trousers, but at least they’ve gone about it properly, officially registering their deigns with the Scottish Tartan Authority. Now admittedly purple and green tartan isn’t for everyone, but if you’re skinny enough, and good enough to get away with wearing them we say go for it. As well as Poulter, IJP is worn on tour by professionals including Graeme Storm, Phil Golding, and Hannah Burke.




TAGS: fashion, keep yourself nice, golf trousers, tartan, Scottish, Ian Poulter, Phil Golding, Hannah Burke

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  • LuckyNJ

    Design is really good. please let me this trousers quality. also like this christmas swing dress santa
    :arrow: :arrow:

    September 11 at 06:37am