Sep 8th, 2017

Tour Edge Exotics launch new CBX Iron Wood

New design from the driving Iron OG's

Tour Edge Exotics launch new CBX Iron WoodTour Edge were one of the very first companies to launch a driving iron. Or an Iron Wood as they like to call them. The CBX is the culmination of nearly 20 years experience in designing them. 

As other brands have dipped in and out of making driving irons, Tour Edges Iron-Woods have been a constant. I remember seeing one for the first time when our club pro had come back from playing in the Senior Open, and had been given this crazy looking club to help get him around a windy links. 

Tour Edge Exotics launch new CBX Iron Wood

These days Iron Woods are designed to hit the ball higher with low spin, still making them useful in tricky windy conditions, and they are super fast off the face right up at the CT limit.

An ‘L’ cup face design increases the CT level across the whole club face. The bottom of the ‘L’ acts as a hinge allowing the entire face to flex at impact, not just the center of the sweet spot. A thinner leading edge provides a dramatic spring-effect throughout the face for massive forgiveness on miss-hits either off the toe or the heel.

Combining the L-cup technology  with a forged Japanese HT 980 steel produces distance with minimal spin, while the hollow body design makes them super forgiving. The round sole and leading edge design make these get through the turf like a more traditional hybrid. 

Tour Edge Exotics launch new CBX Iron Wood

Available in 17, 19, 22 and 25-degree options. Shafts will include the Project X HZRDUS series and Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core. Suggested retail price of is $199.99 while the limited edition Black Pearl finish will be $249.99.

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Tour Edge Exotics launch new CBX Iron Wood

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