Oct 21st, 2016

Custom Fitting a Titleist 917 Driver

Why you need to get fit for your next driver...

Custom Fitting a Titleist 917 Driver

Buying a driver can be as simple as choosing the one that looks prettiest to you on the rack. But that's just stupid. You should never buy a driver that isn't custom fit for your game. 

When that driver has as many options as the new Titleist 917 range, well, it becomes essential. With two heads, one in four loft options, one with three, three movable weight positions, three different weights options, 16 adjustable hosel positions, and four stock shafts each in at least two flexes, well it can't be as simple as buying off the rack can it? We're not great mathematicians, but that's over 8000 different combinations, and that doesn't include the many non up charge shafts options, nor the more exotic shafts you can pay extra for! 

We went to the Titleist National Fitting Centre in Cambridgeshire to get fit for the Titleist 917 drivers. The short of it, we got fit for a Titleist 917 D3 in a Project X Hzrdus Black 65 6.0 shaft with a neutral SureFit CG, and a SureFit Hosel set to B2. It feels great and it bombs it. The long of it? Well my new drives obviously, and this video...



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Custom Fitting a Titleist 917 Driver

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