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Ok, Got it!

Aug 17th, 2016

BagSOLO Lightens Your Holiday Load

That's BagSOLO, not Han Solo...

BagSOLO Lightens Your Holiday Load

We love flying around the world to play golf. From Tallinn to Trinidad, Carlsbad to Kobe we’ve been all over the place to play this game we love. But as much as we love slapping that little white ball around all over the world, it’s fair to say we hate going through the airport with the sticks: From the kerfuffle of taking a travel cover and suitcase on the Gatwick Express, to the fear of losing your clubs, to even worse, having your driver snap in transit, it's a mare.

We’ve not even touched on how expensive it is to take your clubs on most airlines now either, other than with our friends at Virigin and Monarch.

I’ll never forget having a two day trip to Spain to test some new TaylorMade product. We got there OK, my clubs didn't. The clubs were located back at Gatwick, so I asked that they stay there as I was coming back home the next day. Not ideal but at least we’d found them.

Imagine my surprise when I saw them delivered into reception as I was checking out of the hotel. It was lucky I was there otherwise I could have never seen that set again. 

BagSOLO might be the answer to your travel prayers. It definitely sounds like the answer to mine. Why fly with your sticks, when you can ship them out for less than the airline fee?

BagSOLO Lightens Your Holiday Load

BagSOLO have partnered with FedEx and UPS to offer golfers door-to-door delivery of their clubs when they travel. No excess baggage charges, no queues at the airport check-in, and no heavy bags to lug around.
The service can cost as little as £29 each way, depending on the traveller’s requirements, and covers destinations in the UK, Europe, and the USA, amongst others. Travellers can arrange pick-up and delivery to whichever destination they choose, whether it’s home, the golf club, or hotel, and can track their luggage every step of the way.
In the extremely unlikely event that there is a delay in getting the clubs to their destination, BagSOLO guarantees that a free hire set will be available to the traveller until their own set arrives at the specified destination.
“It’s a luxury service at an affordable price,” comments Mike Coyne, Director of BagSOLO. “Travelling with your own clubs can be frustrating, and can distract from enjoying your time away. BagSOLO offers a convenient service where you can take your own set of clubs all over the world, hassle free, and not have to worry about hire clubs or transporting clubs and luggage to and from the airport.”

We can’t wait to try it out, and take some of the stress out of flying. Less time lugging the clubs to oversize baggage, more time in The Flying Horse.  


Here’s seven good reasons for trying BagSOLO.

1.       No more heavy golf bags to carry
2.       Skip the queues at check in
3.       No more excess baggage fees
4.       Avoid delays at Baggage claim
5.       Courier staff trained to take care of your luggage
6.       No need to hire oversized rental vehicles at your destination
7.       Enjoy 25% extra weight allowance over the scheduled Airlines

Check out BagSOLO.com for more details...

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