Mar 16th, 2016

Natalie Gulbis Swingin' Siren

An Original Swingin' Siren


Natalie Gulbis has been getting our gander up since GolfPunk first launched all those years ago. An Original #SwinginSiren, Natalie has been on tour for 14 years now. Time really does fly. While we once shot her in a Nevada golf cart shed, now days you'll be more likely to find the former gymnast staying ripped in the gym. While her form has dipped in recent years, everything else about her has got better with age. She looks to be working hard at her game, here's hoping she can find something to improve her game for this season.


Look at Natalie's OG GolfPunk photoshoot here...Natalie Gulbis Swingin' Siren

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