Sep 28th, 2018 Article

Tommy Fleetwood world exclusive interview

We've been looking back at the best read articles from GolfPunk in the past year, and our exclusive interview with Tommy Fleetwood seemed to hit the mark with you. Here it is for you to enjoy again, or catch up with it if you missed it first time round. Wow. One simple word. Wow. And that’s all you need to sum up the last 18 months of Tommy Fleetwood’s career. So what has he done to make all this happen? 

Sep 25th, 2018 Article

Tiger watches a tyrade of naysayers writing him off

This is quite excruciating to watch... Tiger views a tirade of naysayers writing him off over the last couple of years. and HAAAAAHH!! You losers know nothing. This is Tiger. He's back and you can all do one!