Apr 29th, 2016

Why Rory won’t be wearing Nike at the Olympics

As Rory McIlroy is from Northern Ireland he actually had the choice to represent either for Ireland or Great Britain in the Olympics. And he chose Ireland. But there is some fallout from this decision.

Apr 29th, 2016

Top 5 John Daly Moments

Happy Birthday John Daly, you've made it to 50! Here's five of his best moments captured on video...

Apr 29th, 2016

Hassocks Golf Club to lose 9 holes to houses

Hassocks Golf Club says it has been running at a loss for many years and has only avoided closure because of substantial ongoing subsidies from its owner. Now it has revealed that it is going to lose 9 holes to houses.

Apr 29th, 2016

More Wedges

We’ve seen some crazy golf looking golf clubs in our time. But these new wedges from Bruce Sizemore definitely take the biscuit. Performance over beauty is the name of the game.

Apr 29th, 2016

Golfer kills pelican with power draw

There I was, researching pics for the speed golf feature when this randomly turned up. It's 1935 and Tom McHugh has launched a sweet power draw when, suddenly, there's a loud sqwawk and an explosion of feathers. Blimey...

Apr 29th, 2016

How to play 18 golf holes in 40 minutes

Rob Hogan plays golf very, very quickly. Plus, he's got a massive beard. Which is weird because when we met him in 2014 his chin was as bald as a coot. Anyway, since then he's gone heck-fire crazy and won last year's World Speed Golf Championships. 

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