Jul 17th, 2017

Twitter bidding for USPGA rights

According to reports in the Financial Times

Twitter bidding for USPGA rightsAccording to a report in the Financial Times, Twitter is in talks to ‘screen’ the US PGA Championship in the UK, after Sky lost its exclusive broadcast rights to the event.

Twitter is negotiating for the digital streaming rights to the 2017 tournament for the UK, in what would be a blow to Sky Sports, which is launching its new golf channel on Tuesday, but now without the 4th major to offer subscribers.

It is not Twitter’s first forage into golf, as it has already secured the rights to live stream global 31 PGA events, but this is literally a major step jump for the social media platform.

Others close to the process said a UK “free-to-air” broadcaster was also in talks for the television rights. Could the BBC be getting back into golf, after bailing out from The Open?

Now that would be turn up for the books.


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Twitter bidding for USPGA rights





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