Oct 6th, 2017

Trump Charges Secret Service To Use His Golf Carts!!!

They spent how much on golf carts???

Trump Charges Secret Service To Use His Golf Carts!!!You couldn't make it up if you tried. The US Secret Service have spent over $137,505 on golf carts to protect Donald Trump with. And it's almost exclusively at his golf courses! 

USA Today have revealed the excessive expenditure, including one payment of $61,960 to Trump International Golf Club in Florida. That's a lot of money on golf carts. Surely some of the Secret Service agents can walk?

US law means that Trump isn’t able to pay towards any equipment or facilities that the Secret Service need, in case it causes a conflict of interests. But with his large family, and regular trips to the golf course it soon adds up. Already the Secret Service budget can not cover the overtime required to protect his big extended family. 

Trump Charges Secret Service To Use His Golf Carts!!!Other notable purchases include installing and removing ballistic glass so that President Trump could watch the Presidents cup in person. 

And when the Secret Service agents they are on the job, they even need to install private bathrooms to do their big jobbys. The total cost for a bathroom, office, and Trump's ballistic glass at the Presidents cup came to $53,316. 

Trump Charges Secret Service To Use His Golf Carts!!!For someone who moaned about Barack Obama playing too much golf, President Trump has taken three times as many holiday days as his predecessor. At least when he’s bunking on the golf course, there is less chance of a nuclear war with North Korea...

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