Sep 28th, 2016

The Best Golf Umbrellas Ever!

G/Fore have got us doing a rain dance

The Best Golf Umbrellas Ever!

Has anyone ever got excited about a golf umbrella before? They're big, bulky, cost a fortune, and if you're using one it means it is shedding it down.

But G/Fore have come up with a range of umbrellas that have got us doing a little rain dance in anticipation. There are three designs, but it's the last one that is the real standout.

Juvenile? Maybe a little, but we think they're are comedy gold.

G/Fore have teamed with Haas-Jordan, the manufacturers of the sturdiest and most dependable umbrellas on the market. The custom 62"  features wind-vents on all eight panels, solid fibreglass ribs, black braided fibreglass shaft, slip-resistant ergonomic handle, and custom epoxy dome handle medallion. And it's certainly different to any other golf brolly. Fancy.

The umbrellas cost £85. That's an expensive way to flick the V, but you'll definitely want to put up yours.

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