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Jan 17th, 2017 Article

Brexit bonus for Trump’s Turnberry course

Donald Trump’s Turnberry golf course is expecting its best year ever thanks to the fall in the pound after the Brexit vote and an increase in hotel guests at the resort.

Dec 18th, 2016 Article

Obama lording it up on Hawaii golf course

I'm going to miss Obama when Trump gets the keys to the asylum. Barack, the lad, has barely missed a single opportunity to hit the links during his presidency: Iran tension sorted, hit the links; Insurgents taken out by Navy Seals in Iraq, hit the links

Oct 20th, 2016 Article

Golf in Austria: Ve Have Vays Of Making You Walk

It’s the perfect phone call.  The opportunity to go somewhere great and play golf. On the line is my Austrian friend Natascha, who had just offered me the chance to come out to her homeland and sample a new golfing Mecca. Yesss.

Sep 5th, 2016 Article

Five Golf Adventures within the M25

You might have to live and work in London, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a quick escape to get your sticks out. Here are five of our favourite courses that are all within the M25.

Jul 22nd, 2016 Article

GolfPorn: Vinpearl Golf Nha Trang, Vietnam

Vietnam was recently named as the "Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year" by the International Association of Golf Travel Operators (IAGTO) and here's one of the reasons why..