Mar 30th, 2019

Gambling and the game of golf

No matter what game you play, gambling is always fun, especially when played with friends. Imagine mixing the game of golf and gambling over it. Just like the top bingo websites that let players gamble, many golf clubs have maintained the same spirit. Many people already gamble in these clubs but for those of the individuals who have come across this concept for the first, here is something new you will learn today!

Skins Games:

Skins games are very much popular among the golfers. Its popularity leads to the USGA declaring that the amateur status of the player will not be differed just based on the winnings they obtain from Skins games. This involves the organizer collecting cash from many entrants. Later, the collected cash is divided among the top scorer and the other entrants to pick on a particular hole.

Nassau Bets:

The Nassau bets are one of the most happening and classic bets of the golf game. This bet composes of three different wages. The first bet is waged on the front nine holes following 1 to 9. The second one has waged on the back nine holes which go from 10 to 18, while the third bet constitutes of all the eighteen holes. The bet waged on these three sections is usually $2 or $5 on each section. The game is hence also called as ‘best nines’ or ‘2-2-2’. When the scores are calculated, it is based on each hole on different matches. The player who scores lowest on any hole wins 1 point.

Wolf Betting in Golf:

This bet is played in teams which keep changing based on every hole. Here one player is termed as Wolf on each hole who decides if he wants to attack all the three opponents he got or goes on to partner with one of his opponents. Now the four players go one after another on each hole. The player who goes against the Wolf and tees him off decides whether he wants to play alone or partner with one of them. The player who scores better ball score wins the hole.

Gambling in golf is as fun as any other game. But this has less popularity compared to other games. Hence people should give it a try to check out its amazing side!


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