Nov 21st, 2016

Ashley Lonergan: Swingin' Siren

Lucky Lonergan to her Twitter followers

A gorgeous girl in the iconic TravisMathew cap? Say hello to Ashley Lonergan. The Arizona native cites Betsy King as a major influence. She Plays golf at college in Nebraska. Oh and did we mention, she looks corking in that TM cap?

Here's Ashley's typical day...


8.35am: Ashley suddenly realises she was so engrossed in her round that she completely forgot to go to bed last night...

Ashley Lonergan: Swingin' Siren


10.05am: Ashley decides to get in her car and go for a drive in her new TravisMathew cap...

Ashley Lonergan: Swingin' Siren



11.33am: After a quick bagel at her favourite bagelry, Ashley is straight back to the course to hone her power draw...Ashley Lonergan: Swingin' Siren



12.44pm: Ashley is accosted by paparazzi while trying to have a quick lunchtime dip. One clean jab to the cameraman's chops and it's all over... Ashley Lonergan: Swingin' Siren



2pm sharp: Ashley pretends that she has enough room to swing her club and that this is not just a selfie poseAshley Lonergan: Swingin' Siren



3.30pm: Ashley really can't decide if it's golf or bikinis today... actually, sitting here in an office with the rain falling down incessantly outside, this picture has made me a bit upset...

Ashley Lonergan: Swingin' Siren



4.44pm: Anything 'Bikini Ashley can do, 'Golf Ashley' can do too...Ashley Lonergan: Swingin' Siren



5.15pm: Ashley's favourite alter ego is actually 'Bikini Golf Girl'. Here she attempts to thread a ProV through the trees into her friend's BBQ party. All this golf & bikini capering has made her hungry...Ashley Lonergan: Swingin' Siren



6.15pm: Will the real Ashley Lonergan please stand up? .... actually you're fine there...Ashley Lonergan: Swingin' Siren


7.43pm: There really isn't enough time in the day for Ashley to get her golf fix...Ashley Lonergan: Swingin' Siren


6.37am the next day: Ashley has forgotten to go to bed again and finds herself on the beach without a golf club...

Ashley Lonergan: Swingin' Siren


So she heads back to the golf course.. (Are you sure you're feeling alright?! – Ed)


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Ashley Lonergan: Swingin' Siren

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