Dec 1st, 2017

When Meghan Markle took the ice bucket challenge

Aided and assisted by Rory McIlroy

Back in the day when the ice bucket challenge was all the rage. Tiger Woods nominated Phil Knight and Rafael Nadal, while Rory McIlroy nominated Wayne Rooney, former president George W. Bush, and actress Meghan Markle, who was best known then for her role in the show "Suits". 

Here's Rory and Tiger taking one for the team:

Rory was clearly a big fan of Prince Harry's now fiancee, as he arranged to help her in person take the ice bucket challenge.

She posted the video on her now defunct The Tig Instagram account, so we have not been able to track down the actual footage. But we do know that she's clearly a game girl, and we wish them all the best.

When Meghan Markle took the ice bucket challenge

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